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What are the Options For Orthodontic Care

What are the Options For Orthodontic Care

Individuals who want to have a beautiful smile often need to seek the services of a Braces provider in Broomfield. Orthodontic care can help to straighten the teeth and improve the way the smile looks and performs. With this information, individuals will understand their options for pursuing orthodontic care.


Orthodontic Treatment Options


When a person wants to improve the alignment of their teeth, it behooves them to seek a consultation appointment with the orthodontist so they can learn about their options for treatment. The most common options include:


Traditional metal braces are still a popular orthodontic choice. These are less expensive than some other options and advancements in dental technology have led to smaller braces with less metal so individuals can feel more comfortable as they go through treatment. There are now new archwires that are heat activated, allowing a person to use their body heat to improve the way their teeth respond to treatment.


Ceramic braces allow for less embarrassment for those who are being treated with braces. This treatment offers tooth-colored brackets which are smaller and blend in well with the teeth so the braces appear less noticeable. Dentists can even offer tooth-colored archwires to make the braces blend in even further with the teeth.


Lingual braces are traditional metal braces that are placed behind the teeth rather than on the front. Although this allows people to have their teeth aligned without anyone knowing, they are more expensive and cumbersome when maintaining.


broomfield dental care is a clear braces system that is not like traditional braces. This system involves clear aligner trays that are worn over the teeth for a period of two weeks and then thrown away. Each new aligner moves the teeth closer and closer to their proper position.


Consultations Start the Process


If a person is concerned about the alignment of their teeth, they need to first schedule a consultation appointment with the orthodontist so they can determine which treatment options will be most beneficial for their needs.


Though a person of any age can benefit from orthodontic treatment, early intervention is beneficial for ensuring full success. At how much do braces cost , individuals will have their teeth fully examined and X-rays and photos will be taken so the dentist can determine what type of orthodontic intervention will be best.


If you would like to schedule your consultation appointment, contact Broomfield Orthodontics right away. They will be happy to provide you with the orthodontic services you are in need of.


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